Supplement works best? Scientists report ...

I will try to review as many products as I can find that fit in the "supplement" category and that meet my needs.

I am also adding a section on vitamins and minerals, and will also review products with mineral content.

When you buy a product in the supplement category, you are not only buying a supplement. You are also supporting our effort to provide quality information about supplements. The prices listed on this page are a starting point for this effort. I will try to update the pricing as new products become available. This page is a work in progress. I hope you find some useful information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. If you are having problems viewing or printing this page, please contact me so that we can make this page more informative. If you would like to receive this message automatically by email, please click here. This article first appeared on my personal blog, The Health Coach. About the author: Michael "Mike" Smith is the founder and owner of The Health Coach. He has been teaching and coaching athletes for 20 years with a focus on personal training and nutrition, which has led him to become a certified personal trainer.

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