Skin lightening works best? Scientists report ...

I have had many requests for reviews on this page, so this is where I will show you some of the products that I have personally used and review them. Many of these products were bought over a year ago.

There are many companies producing products that contain glycolic acid. Some have labeled their products as being lightening products. It is the same as when we hear of a new drug being developed and marketed as a cancer treatment. However, there are several different types of glycolic acid products. They all come in different strengths. In addition, some of the glycolic acid products that you can purchase today don't work as well as the ones that we saw decades ago. In fact, I am seeing many of these newer products fail to lighten skin as well. I will discuss why here, but before we get into the science, here is how a medical doctor who works in the field of dermatology would respond to this:

"I'm so sorry, but it doesn't work. The reason is because you're using the wrong product. There are no other glycolic acid products for lightening your skin. I have seen so many lightening products that I don't even use them anymore because they don't work.

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