Our concept?

Healthy food with applause from the kids, wouldn’t that be great? But what is ‘healthy food’?
Quite simply: less (refined) carbohydrates, many more vegetables and more healthy fats. We are working towards a stable blood sugar level. If you only watch TV in the evening, you no longer need a portion of carbohydrates. For a teenager who will play for another 2 hours on a basketball court, that’s a different story.
Okay… and how do you get this translated to your kids?

As much as possible go for those pure, fresh ingredients, lots of vegetables, feasible recipes, no hours in the kitchen and delicious for the kids! Our recipes can be supplemented with brown rice, whole grain pasta or other complex carbohydrates, for those who have a higher level of exertion than most of us.
In addition, we believe in the 80/20 rule as a guide to eating healthier: the goal of this is to eat predominantly healthy, but on time and still be able to enjoy delicacies that are less good for you. If those daily habits are all right, we’re already so much further ahead!

But how can you manage to put healthy food on the table for the whole family, are you impatiently wondering?
Here it comes: By planning your meals with our Weekplanner, creating the right proportions on your plate with our Recipes and knowing what healthy eating is, explained in our Food talk. These food talk posts are highly recommended in order to gain more insight into what healthy eating is all about.

It is certainly not our intention to end up in endless discussions. There are other forums for that. We just want to offer you these tools, so that you too will succeed in this challenging combination of ‘healthy’ and ‘crowds’! That is our mission!


Team NR2