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  • In addition to comprehensive research, our team also asks the manufacturer directly if there are any open questions.
  • Comparison tables can be identified by the heading “Comparison”. 2nd Tests
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What’s the point in supplements?

Many consumers use dietary supplements, but don’t see themselves well enough informed about products. On average, 60 percent of Germans have already used supplements, i.e. products with e.g. vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids or dietary fibres, plant or herbal extracts. 28 per cent express no interest in it, eight per cent can imagine an income in the future. In order to form a clear opinion to products, however, many consumers lack information. 48 per cent confirm “fully and completely” or “rather” the statement, food auxiliary means are still too little well-known to them.

Also experts are impressed

Beta alanine is another amino acid that is used together with the amino acid histidine to produce the acid buffer carnosine of the skeletal muscles. It has been shown that athletes who engage in high-intensity activities have higher carnosine levels in their skeletal muscles, which can improve muscle performance by buffering hyperacidity.

One more thing… Discovering the benefits of beta-alanine

Studies show that beta alanine can indeed increase endurance performance and a combination of creatine and beta alanine is obvious. Finally, it allows the user to do more repetitions with a given weight, which could increase the rate of gain. It is obvious that Beta Alanine can act as an effective booster for creatine and this combination can lead to more endurance, more strength, increased fat loss and increased muscle growth.